I love leftovers. Sometimes, I even think that leftovers taste better, especially if you heat it up right.

Last week we made  steak and potatoes with a beet salad. The steak was covered with pepper and seared. Potatoes (including some gorgeous purple ones) were roasted in the oven with rosmary, plenty of olive, and salt and pepper.


We roasted some red and golden beets at 425F for about an hour the night before. We then served them sliced with high quality olive oil, and salt and pepper. I love the way the golden beets are stained by the red beets around the edges!

After dinner, Mike and I started watching Doctor Who. It was getting really late and I was sleepy but he really wanted to watch just “one more episode.” So he promised that if I watched another episode with him, he’d make me breakfast in bed the next morning. And boy, did he deliver. He reheated the steak in the oven so that it was still undercooked in the center and served it with a streak of sriracha sauce. He used the fried the leftover potatoes with onions for some amazing homefries. There was also freshly made guacamole, eggs, and bread that I stole from a restaurant across the street from where we live. And with “stole” I mean we were there late for desserts and drinks and then I drank enough to have the courage to ask a staff if I could take a few of the bread they had leftover for the day since they’d just throw it out anyways. Yay for positive consequences from a night of drinking!


Not pictured: freshly squeezed grapefruit juice, and the fact that the meal incapacitated me so much I spend the rest of the day in bed watching Doctor Who. Pretty sure that was Mike’s plan all along.