Ben Bloomberg and Evie came over tonight for dinner, and we made a delicious risotto (recipe courtesy of this month’s Bon Appetit) with a poached egg on top. I loved the risotto, and I must keep this recipe in mind for another time! I poached a couple of eggs for the first time ever, and it was tons of fun! The trick is to many a little “tornado” in the simmering water before you crack and drop in an egg. The tornado of the water will keep the egg whites in tact as the egg cooks gently.

Evie liked the citrus salad I posted last week on this blog, so we recreated that salad along with some cubed feta and roasted beets. Poor Evie spent nearly an hour painstakingly fleshing out the citrus fruits. For desert, Ben made his first ever cake — a rum cake from David Lebovitz’ “Ready for Desert” book. He soaked the cake in a rum syrup and topped it off with a heavy cream and brown sugar glaze with toasted coconut flakes. It was quite deadly…but oh so delicious!

It was a wonderful night of great company and great food!