My busy schedule in the past two months has really reduced my eating habits to near-pathetic. I rarely cook and spend most of my meals eating out and overpriced sushi places or mediocre cafeteria food. When I do make my own dinner, it’s usually ramen or frozen foods or leftovers from a week ago.

Tonight (or I guess technically last night. It’s 4am and I’m having trouble sleeping…) I came home to one of the best meals I’ve had in a really really long time: citrus salad with seared steak and sauteed mushrooms. Mike made all of it so I have no idea what went into any of it. When I asked him what was in the marinade for the steak, he replied “Asian.” So…ginger, soy sauce, sesame oil, and rice vinegar. MMmm, I love me some Asian!

The citrus salad consisted of blood oranges, regular oranges, and my new favorite fruit, pomelos. Pomelos are big and juicy like grapefruit but taste closer to an orange. They’re also super fun to eat, because I love the feeling of peeling the skin away and only picking out the pulp!

While I’m uploading pictures of food, I found this gem from a while ago when Mike made me tea eggs. You can find the recipe yourself online because I’m too damn lazy and I pride myself in having the world’s worst food blog. He puts star anise, cinnamon sticks, orange peels, and possibly five spice in the soy sauce/tea mixture.


All of this reminded me that, yes, I still do love food. And my boyfriend for cooking it for me.