Crispy on the outside…

Belgian waffles, shown here with a reduced peach glaze

Belgian waffles, shown here with poached peaches

…and fluffy on the inside

My favoritest boy in the world made these for me yesterday morning, after I slept for 12 hours, recovering from a self-induced all nighter with some friends I met at a conference. Recipe for Belgian Waffles from Joy of Cooking (you can see the transcribed instructions here, because I’m too lazy to type them up myself). Pears were poached in mostly orange juice (diluted with some water) with two cinnamon sticks, vanilla extract, orange liqueur, sugar, and honey. After the peaches were done, he took them out and reduced the sauce to yield a syrup-y glaze to pour over the waffles in place of maple syrup. Yum yum!