I’m not much of a baker. I don’t really like sweets, most of the time. And I absolutely detest frosting, especially ones with food coloring. That’s why the cake above pretty much goes against everything I believe in in life…except that it was made as a retirement present for a really great professor, who teaches the Joy of Electronics course at Harvard. Unfortunately, I am the opposite of artistic, so this circuit cake is unfortunately the best I could do. There are tons of better ones out there..

For reference, the resistors are made of Mike and Ike’s, cut up and stuck together. The capacitors were made of Rolo’s and IC’s of Kit Kat bars. I also tried to make a MOSFET (see pic below) with a Kit Kat bar. I suggest freezing all of your candy before you try a project like this.

In the end, the cake was well-received. The professor seemed to like it, and I’m glad that we had a little celebration of his last lecture. I think we all had fun with the idea of it. And you silly Americans will eat just about anything that’s sweet! Even though when I looked around the room, I realized everyone’s lips and tongues were stained green.

A picture of the overall cake after the jump.