I. Am. So. Full. I will never eat again. BLUUGHGHGHHHHHHH.

Mike and I, with the indispensable help of Ben, Zach, and Bryan, essentially made all of the Thanksgiving dishes in the last and final issue of Gourmet. Of course we also can’t forget Sarah and Stephen, who were endlessly cleaning up and organizing: the worst part of being in the kitchen, but also the most important part. Thanks everyone!!

I’m too tired to post the recipes, but let me enlighten you with our menu (and a few pictures):

  1. Cranberry relish with orange
  2. Rye bread stuffing
  3. Sausage jambalaya
  4. Onion pie
  5. Pan fried kale with walnuts
  6. Potato au gratin
  7. Carrots with shallots, sage, and thyme
  8. Sauerkraut and apples
  9. Cider-glazed turkey
  10. Pumpkin pie (courtesy of Hannah-Rose)
  11. Old-fashioned pecan pies (yeah, there were TWO)
  12. Pear cranberry cake with glaze
  13. Pumpkin cheesecake (courtesy of Zach)

Sausage jambalaya

Kale with walnuts (ended up being the blandest dish, actually...)

Carrots -- perfectly seasoned!

Onion pie -- highlight of the meal

Rye bread stuffing

Anne, looking fabulous while glazing a pear-cranberry cake

Hope everyone else had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!