Productivity at it's finest

Productivity at it's finest

What I’m about to show you will change your world. That’s right. I’m about to offer you an indispensable life-altering recipe!

Say you find yourself in one of the following situations:
a) You come home from a long day at work only to find that there is absolutely nothing in the fridge.
b) You are hungry but don’t have much time to make stuff.
c) You just ate a big breakfast/lunch (brunch, even, perhaps) 1.5 hours ago, but for whatever reason are feeling hungry again. You’re about to munch on Twix bars, but to your mismay they’re all eaten already! WHO WOULD EAT ALL OF MY HALLOWEEN CANDY?!?! Oh right. Me. Hrm, need to go back to CVS to buy some more…

If any of the above is true, this noodle soup is perfect for you. It takes about the same amount of time as making Ramen and it’s much healthier and infinitely yummier. You will need:
scallions and/or garlic and/or ginger
fast-cooking (aka. thin) Asian noodles
soy sauce
electric kettle

Okay, so the electric kettle isn’t completely necessary, but it sure boils water faster.

1. Start boiling enough water to cook the noodles in in either a pot or electric kettle.
2.  Meanwhile, slice up 2 scallions and 2 cloves of garlic. Separate the white/light-green parts of the scallions from the tips.
3. Pour a little oil in pot (I usually use about 1 tbsp and just a dash of sesame oil for flavor) and wait until it’s hot.
4. Put in the light parts of scallion and garlic. Mix it around the pot they become very fragrant.
5. Splash in about 3-5 tbsp of Soy Sauce into the pot. Then add the boiling water from kettle.
6. Add noodles and cook until soft. You may also add any extra stuff you have in your fridge at this moment, such as Napa Cabbage, Dried Seaweed (Zi Cai), egg, etc.

Serve with the green tips of scallions. And voila! You have a fast and delicious meal.