Quinoa’s become quite the rage recently. Food blogs are discussing ways to cook it as frequently as people are discussing Kanye West at the VMAs. I like its seedy texture and the way it sort of pops in my mouth. It also tastes a little like grass to me, and frankly, I’ve always wanted to eat grass. Yeah, I know, I’m gross.

The first time I cooked quinoa was during passover because it’s one of the few grain-like food item kosher for the week of torture. I mixed it with avocados and hard-boiled eggs, which made it way too creamy and thick. Tonight, I simply sautéed cubed zuccinis, tomatoes, onions, and blanched broccoli and mixed it in with some cooked quinoa. Make sure to salt and season it enough!

To top it off, I added an over-easy egg that I fried in the leftover oil from the pot stickers (bought from a Korean market across the street). I love breaking the pocket in the egg and letting the yolk run into my bowl. Finally, I sprinkled some roasted sesame seeds for a flavor and texture that complemented quinoa perfectly.

Not bad for a meal that took 20min to prepare, right?